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Jan 2022: Release of app update.

Feb 2021: Added Utilities to calculate Stability Factor, Spin Drift, Coriolis and Eotvos effects, and speed of sound. 

Speed of Sound

The speed of sound depends mainly on temperature.  Only in circumstances of high temperature, high humidity conditions does the composition of air become a factor.  The speed of sound shown below is calculated assuming dry air. 

The velocity of sound is important in ballistics because drag functions that govern the deceleration of the bullet are a function of the mach number.  Input a bullet velocity to calculate the mach number.

Speed of sound (fps) = sqrt(2403.2 * (Temp + 459.67) )

where I have grouped a number of constants into the value 2403.2

Mach Number = velocity / speed of sound

Temperature (F)
Velocity (fps)

Speed of Sound (fps)
Mach Number