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News Flash

Jan 2022: Release of app update.

Feb 2021: Added Utilities to calculate Stability Factor, Spin Drift, Coriolis and Eotvos effects, and speed of sound. 

Falcon Ballistics

Welcome to Falcon Ballistics, a division of Falcon Knowledge Ltd.

Falcon Ballistics offers a unique ballistics APP for both Android and Apple devices, which uses pre-defined bullet shapes to estimate bullet trajectories.  There is no need to know your exact bullet name and type, nor ballistics coefficients.  Just enter your bullet weight, calibre, choose the bullet shape, and calculate.  The bullet shapes defined in the App are described in detail under Falcon Ballistics App.

The plots below show the match for a 30 calibre (diameter = 0.308 inches), 180 grain, HPBT bullet using both a custom match and the pre-defined settings for a HPBT bullet.  The results are virtually identical.   In this case, either method can be used with the same accurate results.