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News Flash

Jan 2022: Release of app update.

Feb 2021: Added Utilities to calculate Stability Factor, Spin Drift, Coriolis and Eotvos effects, and speed of sound. 

The Falcon Ballistics APP is unique in that it uses pre-defined bullet shapes to calculate bullet trajectories.  The APP does not need G1 or G7 ballistics coefficients, although it can calculate trajectories using G1 ballistics coefficients.  Simply enter the bullet weight and calibre, choose the bullet shape, and calculate.  The bullet shapes shown below are the main shapes likely to be used by the shooter.


Ultra Long DistanceUltra Long Distance

Hollow Point Boat TailHollow Point Boat Tail

Pointy Tip Boat TailPointy Tip Boat Tail

Pointed TipPointed Tip

Round NoseRound Nose

Flat NoseFlat Nose

The January 2022 release of the Falcon Ballistics APP now models high performance bullets shown here as ultra long distance.  While these bullets may look similar to HPBT or  pointy-tip boat tail bullets, they have distinct performance characteristics.